Friday, 18 January 2013

I'm her number one chalk outline on the floor.

DSC_0189 DSC_0213
fur coat; topshop (last year) / aztec print dress; meemee / studded flats; topshop / cross bracelet; fashionology / rings; various one off shops and eBay (sorry!)
Oh my god, I can't believe my commitment so showing off my aztec dress! You totally can't see it under my fur coat, so I had to brave the freezing weather! About 10minutes after taking these yesterday, it started snowing, and now my car is buried to the top of it's tyres in snow! I'm meant to be delivering Dominos pizza tonight, I'm pretty scared.

The lovely El from MeeMee sent me this gorgeous dress a couple of months ago, but due to a lack of camera I've had a hard time blogging. I think that's why I look so miserable in the first picture; it's been SO long since I did blog photos I've forgotten what to do! Cue awkward face. I love the print on this dress, and I don't think I've ever owned a dress is this colour and I really love the change! It's got a zip down the front too. I've been wearing it with a sheer black vest over it, or tucked into my studded leather skater skirt, but today I decided to keep it simple so that you guys could see it properly. It's only £16 as well, and today MeeMee have 20% off using the code FACEBOOKLOVE20 so treat yourself on this horrible snow day!

I've finished my exams and I'm about to start my final semester at uni. As much as I can't wait for the stresses of deadlines to be over, I don't ever want to leave! I think a Masters may be in the pipeline...Hope you enjoy the snow, I'm going to stay as far away from it as possible! I HATE being cold :(!


  1. It's a lovely dress! Love the coat too, looks very warm :)

  2. I love everything about this outfit! xxx

  3. Lovely outfit, that dress fits you wonderfully! And gosh, you must've been unbelievably cold for these photographs - it's freezing!


  4. This is such a lovely dress :) xo


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