Wednesday, 18 January 2012

we all dance a jingo cabaret

leopard print midi dress; topshop / twig cross necklace; fashionology / fluffy cape cardigan; staple / hilda shoes; miista.

I know right, a midi? On me? My 5"3(ish) frame?! My scandalously short skirt loving self? I honestly don't know what got into me. Well, I do. My beautiful sister tried this on in Topshop just before she left me to go back to London (sobsob) and it looked so gorgeous I had to try it for myself. I wish I'd tried this with my leather jacket now, but maybe I'll try that in future - would that be too samey to repeat it on here? Probably...

I've never worn a midi before but envied those who could. This type of dress definitely calls for heels as the helpful people of twitter instructed! And what better heels than my beautiful new Hildas?! Unfortunately I can't see myself wearing this to uni as I'm not as taken by it in flat shoes, nor can I see it on a night out, but it is perfect for a meal as Lauren pointed out. I actually wore this when I popped to see my Mum before I came back to uni (yes, here's another image I prepared earlier, see how prepared I was with my blog before my exams?!) I knew she'd love the 90s grunginess of it all. I'll definitely be experimenting with this length again.

And queue huge sigh of relief; MY EXAMS ARE OVER! I know I won't do nearly as well in them as I wanted to, I've really struggled with anxiety this semester which was definitely enhanced with some personal stresses recently. As soon as I sat down in the exam my mind went completely blank, don't you just hate that? I also know that I didn't revise enough due to personal stuff so I'll have to try much harder this semester to make up for it. I'm doing a French cinema module which I'm so excited to start because I love Jean-Luc Godard, and a photography module which I can't wait for because I enjoyed the one I did last year so much. If you are a french cinema/photography fan please pop any recommendations in the comments, I'd really appreciate it :)

And...I JUST GOT THRICE TICKETS! That's all I need to say on that :)

Sunday, 15 January 2012

when I arrive, I won't know anyone.

tiger print top; missguided / bodycon skit; topshop / glittery slippers; topshop / fashionology twig cross necklace / 100$ bill nails; eBay / lipstick; lord&berry in Vogue; Black Red.

Hadn't planned on blogging, but I'm doing ANYTHING to avoid revision. I got this top about two weeks ago; I haven't really ordered with missguided, I often find their clothes are a bit tacky and there's too much bodycon for a chubster like me, so I've always been put off. I don't know what made me go on there but there's quite a few nice bits on there at the moment, and this top was only a tenner! And I really love it, I love the print and the shape; I ordered s/m for anyone wanting a size guide, I reckon m/l could be a dress on anyone my sort of height (5'3 I think?) I also got some leopard print leggings (ME?!) and some wet look ones since my old ones are in tatters. The quality isn't too bad, the stitching is coming away on the hem of this top but nothing my sewing machine can't fix!

Had good and bad times with Mr Postman this week; the good was, my Brand New tickets came! I'm seeing them twice, I've seen them four times now, and they are just incredible. I can't wait for February! Anybody else going? The bad post was my huge amazon order! I ordered 18 books with my birthday money, some I've wanted for ages, some for uni, some for fun (damnyouautocorrect and the hangover cookbook ha!) and the stupid idiot at Yodel has listed it as delivered 10 days ago, and left in 'Porch' - I DON'T HAVE A BLOODY PORCH! I'm so annoyed because I know it'll take ages to sort out, I hate Yodel, they're customer service is terrible. Don't use them ladies!

My poor kitten has been chewing her tail so much (she chases it like a dog the silly thing) that it's got all infected, yuk! I had to put a cone on her head and she absolutely hated it - see here. She was so grumpy, she had it on for three hours then I couldn't bare it any more. I'll probably try again tomorrow so I can put some more cream on her, I feel so cruel though! She's also turning grey and chocolatey brown now - she was black and white! How weird is that?

I've had a huge Flickr clear out this evening (which made me realise that my flickr registers the date that I take the photos off my camera as the date I've taken them? So now I look like I have weird little fashion shows on my own. I don't. I wore this last Thursday if anyone was wondering.) Flickr was trying to make me pay, so I ended up deleting a load of images, and then realised they wouldn't show on here any more if I'd deleted them; doh! So I had to delete some posts. I now have only 25 posts, what on earth?! I know I didn't have much more, but still, am I that sporadic a blogger? Must. Try. Harder. I've even got another post lined up for the end of the week wearing....A MIDI DRESS?! I dunno what's happening to me. Look at me, rambling purely so I don't have to revise for my exam in erm, 36 hours. If any of you have exams, good luck!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

dream in japanese

vest top; h&m / shorts; topshop / cardigan; staple / necklace; topshop / studded hobo bag; maison du posh / hilda shoes; miista

Say 'hello' to my beautiful new bag! If you follow me on twitter, you're probably bored of hearing about it, but I absolutely adore it. I spied it with my sister in Selfridges a few days ago, and I thought I'd have a little look, but never dreamed that I'd leave the shop with it! I should have photographed them really, but basically, it was missing 4 studs (which you absolutely can't tell) so instead of being £695, it was massively reduced! I decided that because I fell so, so in love with it, and I've never felt such buttery soft leather, I should buy it with some of my 21st birthday money, and I'm so glad that I did! Aside from the miserable sales assistant (why do they assume that everyone is poor? I am poor, but please don't insult me you horrible cow!) who I really hope doesn't get ANY commission ever.

The shorts are new too; I picked them up in Topshop the same day while I was at the Trafford centre after having them on my wish list for a while. I rarely wear shorts, especially not ones this short, and I know they're really not flattering AT all on my shape, but I just love the pattern. They have some ruffles over the pockets too, and these are the FIRST shorts to ever fit my waist properly - they're usually far too low cut or too big if they fit my bum! Such a pain.

And lastly, these beautiful shoes, which fit like a glove and are of AMAZING quality cost me guess how much? £1. ONE ENGLISH POUND. How you're asking? Because the crazy people at Miista decided to do a sale whereby people tweet about the shoe they want to be cheaper, and based on their Klout score, they knock a percentage off! The sale ends on Friday so hurry up and get tweeting while you can! My flatmate and I are after these gorgeous wedges after seeing them on the Topshop website - so feel free to tweet for us ;)

I also have to acknowledge that I've hit over 500 GFC readers! THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate every single face that pops up on there and your comments make my day :) I can't believe my blog is barely a year old, I feel like it has come so far for such a crap, sporadic blogger like myself. Must. Try. Harder. Thank you to all of you, old readers and new, for taking the time to read my blog :)