Thursday, 21 April 2011

seven stars

picnikfile_olC9cy picnikfile_7ttB_t
dress worn as top; new look / camel suede skirt; h&m / studded belt; primark / studded bag; topshop / sunglasses; vintage
These pictures were taken on my iPhone & they're a little bit grainy. My iPhone4 does take amazing photos but I think my boyfriend put a weird effect on them; sorry if you don't like them!
I got this skirt in h&m a few weeks ago now and I love it. It's just the perfect style for my pear shape and it's a colour which I really like but I've never had anything in this shade before. I wanted to wear it with something other than black, but I wasn't sure what colours would really go with it so instead of going with just a plain black top, I put on a dress I got from New Look ages ago which has a woman drawn on it. The skirt is real suede which I thought was amazing for £30! I hope they do more colours, I'd love it in black (obviously) or maybe a plum colour.
Standard 'oh my god the weather has been amazing recently' comment, but it really has! I haven't been out in it much though because of work so my pasty pins are staying under tights until I manage to get a bit of colour on them! It's jazz fest this weekend in my local town (otherwise known as beer fest) and I'm working which is rubbish! But hopefully I'll make it out a couple of evenings, I have NO idea what to wear though. I've lost a little bit of weight recently (can anyone even tell?) and I wore a bodycon dress on Tuesday night which I was so nervous about but after a few drinks it was fine!
I'm selling some stuff on eBay again, I keep updating it all the time but please take a look :)
I'm also constantly updating my Tumblr at the moment, I had my picture on the fuckyeahrings tumblr today which I was pleased about! Hope you're all having amazing weeks, do you have any Easter weekend plans?