Sunday, 27 November 2011

we'll spin around the planets like a satellite.

lace blazer; river island (old) / floral skater skirt; topshop / black long sleeved top; my flatmate's / studded belt; primark / studded vectra slippers; topshop / nails; models own juicy joules

I’m going back to my 2,000 word essay now, boo! It’s about femininity in film and I wish the word count was 5,000, I have far too much to say! Hope you’ve all had a lovely lazy Sunday!

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Just give up the ghost and let it be.

Just give up the ghost and let it be. Just give up the ghost and let it be.

Just give up the ghost and let it be.

Just give up the ghost and let it be.

textured faux fur coat; topshop / shirt; vintage / cross necklace; primark / vault glitter shoes; topshop / nails; avon matte red and matte blue.

I wore this some time last week, but seeing as I'm such a sporadic blogger, I never got around to posting it. My mum bought me (and my twin sister!) this coat when we went shopping recently! It's my Christmas present so don't go thinking I'm spoilt, but it felt really nice to try something on without even thinking for a second that it could be mine, and being spoilt on the spot! Finally, a winter I won't freeze through!

I got this shirt a while ago but I forgot all about it, I really love it. It's huge on me but I love the oversized, iliterallyjustthrewthison look it has. The shoes just add a little bit of sparkle a dull winter calls for! This sounds well silly I know but this outfit makes me feel like I'm a dead rich Hollywood film star - note the red lips ha! I think this will be one of my most worn combinations this winter. I rarely wear the same combination more than once but I really like this and I can definitely see me wearing this at least once a week to uni!

It's my 21st well soon, help me find a dress, please?!

P.S. Don't blame me if this makes your heart melt!

Sunday, 13 November 2011

An endless list of treasures of trimmings


Tinker 06.09.2011

I'd apologise for not posting for so long, but I think I might just have a valid excuse. This little ball of fluffy cuteness, ladies and gentlemen, is Tinker! I picked her up almost a week ago now, and my boyfriend and I are besotted. If you follow me on twitter you are no doubt sick of hearing about my little kitten/baby - though you can't deny that you've oohed and ahhed over the pictures of her! I never thought I'd be one of those cat ladies who talk about their cat all the time, but I'm definitely turning into one! I've had cats all my life, so when I moved out I missed them like crazy. When I suggested getting a kitten to my boyfriend a few weeks ago, I was sure he'd say it was a stupid idea - and now we've got our little bundle of joy, I can't imagine how we went so long without her! It took ages to decide on a name for her, I keep calling her KitCat. We'll see how long Tinker sticks for! We gave her a bath today and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen! I'll stop now, before you all unsubscribe!

(Please feel free to post me pictures of your pets in the comments! Oh God, what have I become!)