Sunday, 26 February 2012

my smiling face that's on my head is on a silver plate.

I hate my hands.

animal drop tunic; topshop / aviator; topshop / belt; topshop / flatforms; asos / necklace; h&m / rings; eBay and gifts.

Got this dress/tunic with my friends topshop discount this week and I LOVE it. The colours are so hideous and clashy but amazing. I love this drop hem thing, I used to struggle so much to find it and only had a couple of pieces with it so I'm glad to see a few bits about with it now. I need to buy a new leather jacket, I have...6/7 but two have massive holes in and I just don't like my others. So tempted by this bad boy. I also really like this, I bet it vomits on the blogosphere (ha) in a week or so.

I absolutely HATE my hands in this picture and the nails are disgusting, I don't know what the hell made me do a french manicure, it looks grotesque - I'm sorry, it won't happen again guys! My rings make up for it though don't they? ;)

I don't have much else to say to be honest, had a shit week so I'm off for Mojitos! I hope your week has been much better - I'll be cheerful next time, I promise.

Monday, 20 February 2012

if we all don't take cover we're all gonna fall back in love, again.

cobweb top; topshop / bralet; topshop / leather aviator; topshop / cobalt blue midi skirt; forever21 / glitter 'litas'; eBay / jewellery; same as always

Ok ok, so I didn't really wear these shoes out, but how else would I ever get to show you these beauties? They are so ridiculously high I have no idea if I'll ever wear them because I can't walk in them - any tips for stupidly high heels?! They're currently sitting pretty on my chest of drawers. I found them on eBay for £30, absolute bargain!

I found this midi in Forever21 for I dunno, like £16 I think? I never thought I'd wear a midi but after the encouragement I got for my topshop leopard midi I had to give this a go. I don't think it's the most flattering on my thunder thighs, but I love that it's layered and goes shorter in the middle. If I had any money I'd definitely be purchasing a skirt like this one here. A brand which has really caught my eye recently is Reverse - they have so many gorgeous pieces and now I'm expanding my hemlines, or rather, elongating them (word?!), I really fancy getting one of their dresses, this one and this one has really caught my eye. I've spent far too much money though since the stunning Audrey over at Frassy introduced me to Nelly. I bought these, these, these and this, and come pay day these beauties will be mine too - kicking myself for not including them in my order, because I hate paying postage so I know I'll end up spending another 75Euro so I get the free delivery! (I'll probably get this!)

This is also my entry into the LG 6 Motion Give us a Spin Competition via etcLlymlrs! When I saw the picture on the right I thought the skirt embodied the movement the competition called for so I had to enter - with the gorgeous blue colour it really reminded me of water too. Fingers crossed!

Today I'm spending my day watching Season 4 of Breaking Bad, followed by Marcel Carne's 'Le Quai Des Brumes', Truffaut's 'Les Quatre Cents Coups' and Jean-Jacques Beineix's 'Diva'. I'm SO not as sophisticated as that makes me sound.

P.S. Just found these dresses from inlovewithfashion - NEED! I could dress it down with a chunky black jumper during the day too. Hurry up pay day!

Friday, 17 February 2012

and we just want to sleep.

'glamorous' lace dress; / cream fur coat; miss selfridge / studded belt; topshop / curved cross earrings; topshop / flatforms; asks / rings; ebay/gifts.

This little outfit is what I wore on Wednesday when I saw my absolute favourite band, Brand New, for the second time in a week. I saw them in Manchester last week and I saw them at the O2 in Birmingham on Wednesday and it was just incredible. I was up in the balcony so I got to see everything and I was just so mesmerised and happy to be there, and just massively appreciative of the band - I'm all gushy about them now! I've loved them for almost a decade now and I pretty much listen to them exclusively (note the majority of my post titles...!) I'm absolutely terrified they're going to announce that they're over at the end of this tour (tonight I think) because they didn't play any new songs and they haven't had a new album for three years. I think I've seen them 6/7 times now, they are just incredible live. I think I've typed too much about this...

On to the primary (and only) focus of this blog, my outfit. This gorgeous dress is by one of the many brands at I was introduced to this website by El (click for her tumblr which has some of her incredible styling on!) and it wasn't long before I'd put in an order. They stock loads of different brands, tonnes which I'd never heard of before, and are soon going to have Mink Pink on there (an absolute favourite of mine), they just started stocking Finders Keepers and I really love this playsuit by Motel. Do not go on this website if you're poor like me! Anyway, I really love the shape of this dress, and because of the fully lace top half you can wear it a few different ways and make the dress completely unique. I've tried it with a nude bralet and a black bralet (like I've worn here) but you could put a strapless bra with it like the team at MeeMee styled it, or I think you could play with some colour like a gorgeous deep purple, plum or crimson bra/bralet (braletbraletbralet) As always, I teamed it with my trusty studded belt - my primark ones I've had for years are starting to fall apart so I had to invest in this little number; at £22 it was a lot steeper than my £1 efforts!

I also have a little story about this coat! I saw it on the 'last chance to buy' rail around the time a lot of coats had gone in the sale in the Arcadia group; it hadn't been marked down from £89, but I made out to the assistant that I'd seen it on the website reduced so she'd check the price for me and yay! It was £59! Plus I had a 25% off deal (read; a very kind friend who works there!) so I ended up paying less than half the original price! I love it so much, although I've found it quite hard to wear; I feel like I can only wear it with all black, any suggestions?

I've become obsessed with 90210, so the rest of my day will entail me finishing off season 4 - I hadn't ever seen it until a couple of weeks ago; the lovely and beautiful Alix has been enjoying my 'vintage 90210' tweets - NICK CANNON IS IN HER HOTEL ROOM?! and OH. MY. GAY. are probably favourites ;)

just realised how much I've written about meemee; genuinely not a sponsored post, they just have a lot of great items and great customer service too!

Friday, 10 February 2012

we have neither the plans nor disguises

coat; forever21 / shirt; vintage / leggings; eBay / flatforms; asos / necklace; h&m / earrings; topshop/ lipstick; estee lauder plum couture.

need to acknowledge the state of my hands; I'm not self harming, it's my kitten! stop with the formspringzzz

Hii! I'm a bad blogger aren't I? I swear that's all I ever type in my posts. I had some personal stuff I had to sort out which is why I've been absent of late, plus, I just find I don't have time when I'm at uni. I'm always hungover or napping, sorry! I am SO grateful to have hit 550 followers already though, that's more than one new subscriber every day this year! So thank you for following and sticking with my sporadic ways :)! (are smiley faces blog appropriate? probably not...)

So, I got this coat in Forever21 a fair few weeks ago. I saw it was a small and tried it on, but it was huge. I fell in love with the oversized sort of 90s look about it though (I've had a lot of This is England comments...) and it wasn't until I'd been wearing it for a fortnight that I realised it was a mans coat; oops. If anything though, it's taught me to shop in mens section more often; this was only £12.99 in the sale! I adore my flatforms which I got with a 25% discount code on ASOS; can't stop wearing them! They're just like the Office ones I've been lusting after since I saw the beautiful Charlene wearing hers, but I couldn't afford the hefty price tag, so I'm dead pleased ASOS answered my wishes for a pair; in suede too, my favourite material.

OH HAIIII DISCO PANTS! Not really lolz. Everyone's going mad for them, and although I do like them, I don't know where the sudden hype has come from? They've been around for literally about ten years. I've had these eBay versions for probably a year now (still available via LetsParty, I also have the burgundy and lilac (!) ) but I never wear them as I tend to only wear tights and skirts, but I do really like these with my flatforms. I've worn this outfit three times this week; that's gross isn't it? But it's just so easy to throw on. I actually have three pairs of leggings on here and two long sleeved tops under that shirt, so it's surprisingly cosy. I can see myself teaming more longer tops with leggings from now on - but don't worry; I will NOT be sporting that leggings as trousers look any time soon. Anyway, I'm boring myself. Hope everyones uni results are going well! I get mine a week today, nervous! Oh and if you're a real person and work; HEY WEEKEND :D!