Thursday, 30 December 2010

new beginnings!

topshop premium hairy pea coat
topshop premium hairy pea coat
models own grace green
Topshop cropped premium hairy peacoat / Primark two tone tights / H&M zip detail bag / New Look ballet pumps / Topman t-shirt / H&M bodycon skirt / eBay rings and necklace / Models Own nail varnish in Grace Green.

This coat is my new favourite, I absolutely adore it! I tweeted earlier about it, I had the huuuugest pack of stuff from Topshop ever this morning, honestly, I may have to photograph the bag it all came in! This coat is made of mohair and fills the void faux fur just can't. I've been looking for a fur coat for as long as I've blogged, and I've never found one that didn't swamp me. I think because I'm so short, they just look ridiculous on me, so this mohair beauty is my version of fur. It's got slightly cropped sleeves which I love, and wearing it made me feel like a hollywood actress ha! So I wore a huge eyeliner flick and Estee Lauder lipstick in my favourite colour, Fig - a gorgeous, creamy, deep red colour.

Underneath I wore my boyfriends skull detailed t-shirt from Topman with my basic black bodycon skirt. I've been wearing his tops a lot recently, I layer vest tops underneath them and they keep me so cosy! The tights were a present for Christmas and I really like them! They're lacy at the front but opaque at the back;

topshop premium hairy pea coat

it's fuzzy, but my primark two tone tights.

I'm thinking of buying a pair of the Topshop striped tights with the vertical lines, I've seen them on a few bloggers and I love them.

I've still got the tags in my coat, so should I keep it? I love it, but maybe I'm seeing it through rose tinted glasses...let me know! How's everyones sale shopping coming along?

edit; only just realised when looking at the pictures that the skulls are in the shape of a union jack! best. t-shirt. EVER. I love union jacks!
Edit part 2; Really sorry, only just realised how shit quality the pictures have been uploading! Gutted as I've had a new camera so I just had a mini panic thinking my camera was broken, turns out Tinypic is just really mean when compressing my pictures - so I've switched to Flickr after having a look at what my favourite bloggers seem to use. Hope that's better!