Friday, 23 September 2011

gypsies, tramps and thieves.

cardigan; topshop / studded flats; topshop / baggy black vest; h&m / snake print skirt; mutinous daze / jewellery; various

Charlene O'Rourke from Strutt is one of my favourite blogs. I've been reading it for about two years now and she's one of those bloggers whose wardrobe you just need and adore. She has such an amazing refined style, and this mixed with her talent for making beautiful items of clothing results in perfect pieces that will fit into everyones wardrobe easily. I bought this snake print skirt from her around a week ago and received it the next day! I put it on straight away and I just loved it. It's the perfect shape and I love the sheer material. I've worn a black bodycon skirt under it here, and I can't wait to team it with my lace trimmed cycle shorts.

I've since bought a dalmatian print skirt from Charlene's Etsy page and unfortunately for you, it has now sold out! However, she has a lovely polka dot version and a sheer one too which I think would look gorgeous layered over burgundy. They're priced at a well-worth-it £20 and are really good quality and so well made. I know these skirts will be a staple in my wardrobe for a few years yet! I can't wait for her to add new stock to the page - although Mr Lloyds TSB would prefer it if she didn't!

I'm moving into my new flat today so I'll have to leave it there, I hope you have a lovely day and I'll blog as soon as freshers week is over!

Saturday, 17 September 2011

I'm a little bit shy, a bit strange and a little bit manic.

Religion 'Thelma' jacket / leopard print top; h&m / skirt; topshop / vectra shoes; topshop / jewellery; various.

Firstly, HOW pleased am I that the new Blink 182 album leaked?! Hi 13 year old fan girl inside me going crazy for Travis. And Mark. And Tom. Could never choose! 

I bought this Religion jacket off ASOS last week and I fell in love with the arms of it. I love fitted arms on jackets, and this one has shoulder pads too which I feel balance out my pear shape - we'll ignore the fact my boyfriend said that it looks like a bin bag!

I don't have loads to say today as all I've been doing really is working. I'm so envious of everyone who got to be in London for Fashion Week but I've been enjoying looking at all the shows - it makes me sad though because I will never be able to afford such beautiful things! I'm also obsessing over the new Topshop Unique pieces, although the main pieces I wanted (not that I could afford them!) have sold out now such as the stunning dalmatian print shirt. I've got dalmatian print crazy recently with my shoes here, and I've bought these dalmatian print shoes and a dalmatian print skirt made by Charlene. 

I can never remember what I've said on my blog, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating. Over summer I've had a huge reading list as I was changing my course at Keele University from Media with Film Studies to English with Film Studies. This was a huge move for me because I've always loved media, all aspects, and always wanted to work in the media. I also never studied English at A-Level and have (or had, now, I hope!) a bare minimum knowledge in the subject. However, after working this summer I found that I had a bit of a flair for visual merchandising and making displays. I have always admired shop windows, staring at the outfits put together in stores but never really knowing who did it and certainly not realising that people actually did that as a career! So, long story short, I've cancelled the English switch and I'm sticking with Media and Film because after looking online that course seems more suitable. I'd love to start over and study an advertising course but I've already quit uni once so can't afford to restart for a third time! I'm on the hunt for some work experience now and hopefully I'll get to where I want to. In the mean time, any advice would be amazing! 

Sorry to ramble! I hope you're all enjoying the weekend and if you're one of the lucky few going into their first year at uni - you're going to have the best year ever! I wish I was going into my first year again! Good luck!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

For now we are young, let us lay in the sun

aviator; topshop / shirt; vintage / skirt; vintage / shoes; ravel / necklace and rings; gifts/eBay

Can't believe it's been nearly two weeks since my last post! I've been so busy. I've been all over the country visiting friends, spending far too much money and drinking too much strawberry schnapps and sailor jerrys! Had such an amazing time in St Albans, Bude and Cardiff with my amazing friends. I'm really going to miss them when they all go back - and four of my best mates are in Canada/America! So jealous obviously.

I bought this skirt from SpanktVintage on the ASOS Marketplace. I love suede and this a-line shape is something which I think flatters my pear shape. Add to that the fact it's scalloped and there was no way I couldn't click 'add to cart'! I bought another couple of shirts from them too which you'll no doubt see on here shortly. I hadn't realised but the gorgeous El Chetcuti models for Spankt, she was the main reason I bought the items as they looked so good on her! She's just made the (right!) move from Tumblr to Blogger so make sure you take a look at her posts featuring outfits and her photography and styling! 

This shirt is another vintage piece which is absolutely stunning quality. It's a beautiful sheer material and I wish I'd photographed the bottom of it because it has the most gorgeous detail. It's got a french label on it and I don't know what it is but as soon as I spy that french label in something I'm eyeing up I immediately think; 'amazing quality and timeless' and have to buy it. Just look at the sleeves! I'm a little bit besotted. 

Finally, I love my new shoes! I found them in the ASOS outlet (my ASOS shipping subscription gets such a battering!) for £25 instead of £55 and I really love the dalmatian print on them! I'd love to find a dalmatian print item of clothing, either a skirt or a shirt I think, ready for autumn/winter. Another print I adore is 'whale shark' skin. It just looks like nothing I've seen before! Although I can't see that being an easily accessible print anytime soon..! 

When I said finally, I was wrong. I could do with some help! I'm trying to find some cheap-ish sheer black shirts in an oversized fit with a collar. I also was normal sleeves, not batwing. I'm willing to pay around £20 but I need two or three for some DIYs I want to do. If you know anywhere that I can find these please let me know! :) Thank you! Hope you've enjoyed your weekend - HOW much hype was there about the 'hurricane' hitting England? I think the most damage it caused was this to my hair!