Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I'm more and more replaced by my friends each night.

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flag print shorts; lookbook store / vest top; h&m / brogues; primark / bag; my sisters / cuff; pamela love @ topshop / cellulite; my very own. yum!

I've edited these images in about 5 seconds each, they're really over-exposed because it was so sunny, sorry!

These shorts have been done and done, as has any sort of flag print, but I absolutely love them. I have a pair from Topshop but always find that their shorts are just too short - I hate when you can see the tops of thighs touching, but apart from when I was ill and dropped to six and a half (!) stone, my thighs have been getting very much 'cosier' since I entered puberty. So Topshop shorts are just a huge resounding NO. However, these beauts are a really good fit. They have that extra inch which just makes them, in my opinion, so much more flattering. I wish I'd done a comparison post now so that you could see how much more flattering these are. I also got another new pair of shorts with a Union Jack print on them which you'll no doubt see soon!

I've wanted some well fitting shorts for ages now, then all of a sudden two pairs came in a week! Typical. I have a really big bum which sticks out quite a lot so often shorts (and jeans, if I wore them) gape at the back. Anyone else have this and know how to make shorts fit better?

I decided to team this with an H&M vest top which is actually really long, so I tied it in a knot at the side - showed off my shorts a bit more too! These brogue-ey things are about 3 months old so I'm not sure if you'd still find them in store, but I picked them up for £3 instead of £15! They're so comfortable and everyone knows I'm a sucker for suede! This is also my new cuff which I am actually in (Pamela) Love with. I got it for £36 in the sale instead of £120! I think £36 is still a lot but it's really sturdy (old person word, no?) and I know it will last me for ages. Maybe I'm justifying myself a bit much...!

I'm moving into my flat tonight! Scary stuff! I'm then going away to see two of my best friends for a week - I'm going to St Albans for a couple of nights then to Bude in Cornwall. If any of you are about, give me an email - I have a few hours to spare and it'd be lovely to meet you! I'd better get ready for work - hope you all have a lovely day!

P.S. So excited I'm close to 400 followers, may have to do another giveaway! :)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

come and see me and we'll brush up on bad habits

cape sleeved drop back shirt; lookbook store / black bodycon skirt; topshop / black bralet; topshop / studded slipper shoes; topshop / bag; my sisters / necklace; the indian shop, cyprus.

This is another piece I was sent by the lookbook store and again I am so pleased with it. It's sheer, but not that horrible crispy sheer chiffon these shirts are usually made of for this price, it's a really luxurious chiffon and so wearable. I love that it drops down at the back and the caped sleeves just add to the floaty feel. You can find it here and it's also available in apricot and black too.

I love wearing tops with low cut arm holes (like in my last post) and sheer tops at the moment with a bralet. I also have finally let go of my absolute abhorrence for a black bra under a white top - and I actually quite like this right now!

I don't really have much to say today I'm sorry, I've been working loads and I finally have a day off tomorrow! Don't forget to like Models Own on Facebook so that we can all get 50% off again!

Saturday, 13 August 2011

england is mine, it owes me a living.

atomic bomb print top; lookbook store / black bodycon panelled skirt; topshop / studded bag; my sisters / studded pumps; topshop

Firstly, thank you for all your kinds comments, emails and tweets - it means so much honestly! This is a top that the lovely people at the Lookbook store sent me. You can find it here and I highly recommend it! It is also available in warmer colours which I love, I think I'll buy it when it's pay day! It's a really good fit, with low cut arms and a racer style back which calls out to be worn with a bralet like I have here. I love the longer fit and I teamed it with a black bodycon skirt to keep all the attention on the stunning print. I wore this to the cinema and was asked three times where it was from! I love these sort of photographic prints, so when I was emailed and told I could choose some items, this was at the top of my list.

Just to keep my blog open and honest, I didn't pay for this item. I have however bought some items from their store and would highly recommend them as a paying customer. I think their prices are excellent and they really strive to give you perfect service! Just like Lily says, I would never accept any form of payment in return for a positive recommendation on this blog.

I'm obsessed with galaxy prints at the moment and keep trying to do 'galaxy inspired' nails. This is Rimmel Black cherry with a cheap silver glitter caked on over the top. It's pretty chipped and gross here to be honest! I've just bought a gorgeous holographic nail varnish though I can't wait to try, and I'm trying to find a black glitter nail varnish to layer over deeper colours - but haven't had much luck finding one yet!

I bought a new dress yesterday which I can't decide whether to keep, I might do a keep or return post on it at some point. I wanted to wear it for my 21st birthday but I don't know if I want something a bit more special. It's this one anyway, what do you think? Where's your favourite high street store at the moment? And what are you wearing on your nails? I'm so nosy!