Saturday, 9 July 2011

a heart so big, God couldn't let it live.

- this lyric reminds me so, so much of my Grandpa. I can't listen to it/read it without crying, even five years on. Love, always.

beaded cardigan; topshop / skull vest; c/o market hq / bodycon black skirt; h&m / bag; topshop / necklace; fashionstereotype / shoes; office.

I adore this top by Evil Twin. MarketHQ sent it to me which is an Australian store which stocks all of my favourite brands. When it came, they'd kindly sent me some lookbooks for some of the brands which I can't wait to stick on my bedroom wall at uni. My favourite brands right now are all Australian, so postage and packing is so expensive! MarketHQ don't ship to the UK at the moment, but they keep dropping hints on their twitter that it's in the motions...I really hope so! Although I might have to find someone who loves their stuff just as much as me so we can split shipping! I hate paying postage and packing fees, I spend a fortune on it! Maybe I have an Australian reader who wants to be my pen pal....and by 'pen pal', I mean I'll just swap UK clothes for Australian? HA! Plus, Australia is getting all their AW stock now, and I just love AW trends.

I'M GOING ON HOLIDAY TODAY! I am so, so excited, and I can't wait to have a tan. I had planned to schedule some posts while I was away but I just haven't had time at all - but I do have lots of interesting things to show you when I get back! I'm refusing to take my iPhone or any technology (like, not even my camera!) apart from my old iPhod shuffle to listen to Morrissey and The Smiths around the pool. Sometimes it's nice to just turn your phone off and get away - but please don't forget about me! Haha that is so sad but like, I don't really fancy coming back to a reader-less blog.

I don't really have that much to say if I'm honest...I'm so busy trying to pack (14 days = 32 outfits, right? And 11 books? Okay.) although I am ridiculously pleased and proud to say that I got a FIRST in my first year at Uni. If you saw the photographs I made and edited in this post, I ended up getting a 76 on those, so I couldn't be more pleased! I probably shouldn't have posted that here, we all know what happens when I post anything positive about my achievements on here! ;)

Oh, and can this class as Sunday Shoes? I LOVE my new sandals! I don't know whether anyone else agrees, but I love shoes like this that I can wear with tights. Although, having said that I can't wait to wear them with a tan! They are so ridiculously comfortable and they were in office for £10! I've linked them just under the outfit post because you all need a pair in your life. I adore the pretty little buckles on them. They're also suitable for vegetarians! I had never ever thought about footwear when it comes to vegetarians, but I love it when I see a shoe advertsied as 'suitable for vegetarians' - it reminds me of that woman who eats sofas and tyres, like if you're a veggie you can so eat these ;)

I hope you all have an amazing two weeks, 'speak' to you when I get back :)!

P.S. this is my hair cut! these photos are from last week so it's already grown and the layers aren't as obvious, phew!) 

Monday, 4 July 2011

I may never be quite satisfied but that's the only way I know

picnikfile_cgjVqu picnikfile_tp8dQh


mixed print shirt; urban renewal @ urban outfitters / velvet skirts; topshop / longline black bralet (underneath); topshop / jewellery; eBay, fashionology and fashionstereotype.

I failed! I didn't post a Sunday Shoes post, but I do have reason to the rhyme! I've just found two outfit posts and I thought it'd look a bit silly if I posted my newest pictures with shorter hair, and then followed it with some pictures with long hair - maybe I'm being my usual hyper-critical self but I do like continuity! Sunday Shoes will be up this Sunday coming (while I fly to Cyprus!)

I've had this shirt for about a year now, but I haven't posted it for some reason. I really love it! I got it in the Urban Outfitters sale for about £20 I think instead of £50 and I just love how unusual it is. I've never seen it on anyone else which makes a change too! It's sheer so I wore it with a bralet - I'd usually go for a black bodycon dress or a black vest of some sort, but I felt a bit brave and wore my bralet instead. It's really not as obvious as I thought it would be and I'd definitely wear it like this again. I think a normal bra might not look right, but a black bralet works nicely and works well for the day. I have a nude sheer shirt I'd like to try this with, but do you think a black bralet would be too obvious with that? I'd appreciate your advice!

My sister took these photographs for me again, and I love how the setting sun came across the photographs. I don't know anything about photography, so I don't know if that's technically good or anything but I like it :)

I took part in that twitter #bbloggers thing last night, anyone else think we should have a #fbloggers tag?! Although that's blatant stealing. I'm sorry if I clogged up your feeds with my tweets but I found some really talented bloggers through it and look forward to taking part in them again! I definitely recommend it! I discussed what I like in a blog, which is hearing about the blogger themselves, not just what they're wearing. I feel that it makes blogging more social, and us fashion bloggers (I prefer to coin myself an outfit blogger, fashion insinuates I know about fashion. I don't.) have to be careful we don't come across too materialistic/shallow. I try to get that across on my blog and show you my personality because my blog is so personal to me, but I'd love any feedback from you about it! Either in the comments/formspring/email/twitter! :)

HOW gorgeous was the weather this weekend? Such a shame I was working! Hope you had a chance to enjoy it!

P.S. If you click the images, it take you to my Flickr where you can usually find more pictures that I didn't end up posting. They usually show a bit more detail if your interested at all!

Friday, 1 July 2011



beaded cardigan; topshop / star print shirt (worn as dress); primark / black bodycon dress worn underneath; h&m / tights; topshop (I think, or maybe new look?) / shoes; topshop / bag; topshop / necklace; fashionsterotype / rings; eBay / ear cuff; urban outfitters.

I absolutely LOVE this shirt. I couldn't believe it when I saw it in Primark, I remember something really similar in Topshop a couple of years ago and falling in love, so when I saw it was only £8 I snapped it up - and the nude version too! You'll no doubt see that one soon. I bought them in size 10s so they would be an even baggier fit than intended, as well as longer so that I can wear them as dresses. I even coordinated my necklace to it by wearing one of my favourite pendants - a gorgeous star with a piece of rose quartz in the centre which my Mum gave me. I've got a few moon, star and sun shaped pieces, I love them, I'm such a hippy child at heart - I blame my Mum!

I haven't worn this cardigan in absolutely ages but I've rediscovered it and it's not leaving my back now! Don't you just love it when that happens? I bought it ages ago full price but decided it wasn't worth £50, then I saw it in the sale and uhmed and ahhed for ages as I always do, then when I decided I wanted it - they'd cleared the sale away! I ended up asking if they could go and get me it from the stock room and they only had a size 14 left, my Mum treated me to it (which sounds pretty standard, but I NEVER ask my mum for anything and she only really buys me stuff for my birthday and Christmas - I'm too independent!) and I think it was about £18? I love the oversized fit and the itchy material! And with the beads and the stars I felt a bit like the galaxy had thrown up on me, but I do love this outfit, I'll definitely be wearing it again.

I hate that middle photograph, but I didn't know how else to show you my new ear cuff thingamajig, it goes around my ear - bit scared it's going to fall off though and I wont realise until it's lost! And before you say it, I know I have freakishly small ears! I reckon it's because I was stupidly premature being a twin and all. Also, I definitely haven't ombre-ed my hair, the ends really are SO much lighter though. It's been like this for ages but I think the sun really picks it up. I think it's just where the sun has lightened my hair and it's grown out, I like it though - which makes it more of a shame that I got my hair cut after this! :( I'm not sure I like it yet but I had some pictures taken using my boyfriends new lens tonight so I might show you tomorrow if I'm feeling brave...! I've had a good 4 inches off :( Hope it grows back soon!

Hope you all enjoy your weekend! I might even post a Sunday Shoes this week...! And thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post and hello to all of my new readers! And old ones, of course :)