Wednesday, 12 October 2011

to die by your side, well, the pleasure, the privilege is mine




dress (worn as top); topshop / skirt; primark / cardigan; primark / vectra studded slipper shoes; topshop / rings & necklace; gifts / lip colour; topshop lip marker in vamp

Sorry these images lack continuity in lighting etc, we messed up the settings on the camera and I am too tired to edit them properly!

HELLO! So sorry it's been forevs, I've been shattered since freshers, it absolutely ruined me. Three years doing it and I should know better - had to leave my first lecture to throw up I was so hungover, I was so embarassed. The worst bit? It was this image that induced it in my Gender in Cinema module, so horrible! Anyway, vomiting aside, I'm loving being back at uni but I completely forgot how hectic it was! So no doubt my blogging will be sporadic as ever, apologies in advance!

I love this skirt, I bought it a few days ago and then the beautiful Lily posted an outfit including hers. I love how she wore hers with a jumper over it and I will definitely be trying it soon for uni! One of my favourite things about blogging is seeing how many different ways people wear the same piece!

I'm a little bit obsessed with leather at the moment, I bought this gorgeous dress from Missguided the other day and can't wait to wear it. I think I could wear this in the day with the cardigan I've got on in these pictures, because it's so big (I double sized up! I love massive cardigans at the moment) it would dress it down a bit. I also bought a bodycon black leather dress from h&m the other day. I have no idea why because it looks like fetish wear, but then Maria tweeted me saying I could wear it with a jumper over the top, a look I've since tried and LOVE, and I'll be so cosy in the winter!

Anyway, I should be getting to bed really because I've got a 9-5 day tomorrow (who said Media was a doss course? Holla!) and then I'm giving blood later, I can't wait to give blood as I've wanted to for so long but whenever I've gone to the drop in centre there's always a huge wait. I managed to get an appointment this time and I'm going to register to donate bone marrow soon too. You never know who your close to that may need these things, and as I suffer with bad kidneys, you never really know what's around the corner so I hope this brings me a bit of good karma, cos God knows I need it!

I hope you're all well and you enjoyed your freshers and are settling into uni well! I found that a lot of people left me formspring messages about starting uni and if you want me to help you with anything like, how to get your messy/loud flatmate to sort it out, feel free to contact me there and I'll do my best to help!