Wednesday, 28 December 2011

marry the night

motel cilla dress motel cilla dress

motel cilla dress

motel cilla dress

cilla dress; motel via topshop / fur gillet; forever21 / glitter slippers; topshop / jewellery; same as always!
Sorry I didn't do a write up when I first posted this!

I got this dress along with a couple of coats when I saw it go in the sale at Topshop on christmas eve. I'd been searching everywhere for this dress, so bought this as a substitute to wear on NYE. I fully intended to return it when I finally found the dress I originally wanted in Dorothy Perkins (so unexpected!) but when I tried it on I just fell in love! I find that skater skirts really flatter my figure because I have such a huge bum, so I've loved that the past season has been full of them - and I only paid £16 for this dress too which is an absolute bargain!

I bought this fur thing from Forever21 when I went to spend my birthday money. I love the style of fur it is - not that 'hair' like fur, more curly...I'm struggling to describe it! Being such a pear shape I do think it shows off my bad points, but I love it all the same! I don't have loads to say today, I'm shattered from work so think I'll leave you with this beauty and get an early night!

Friday, 23 December 2011

and I've never felt so alive in the whole of my life

fluffy knitted cape; staple / cobalt blue t-shirt; forever21 / studded slippers; topshop / arrow necklace and studded bracelet; forever 21 / 'gothic' bracelet; pilgrim / citrine earrings; fashionology / rings; various
Please excuse the flash - it's too dark to get natural light.

Firstly; WOW. Thank you so much for all of the lovely comments on my last post. I'm actually a really rubbish blogger when it comes to commenting, I get a bit embarrassed about what to say (how daft!) But I've recently started to leave them when I visit a blog because, as a blogger, I know how nice it is to receive comments and a bit of recognition for the efforts we all put into a blog post. I'm hoping to keep up my commenting sprees - plus, I've found so many gorgeous bloggers with enviable wardrobes through my commenting sprees! And it may have helped me get slightly closer to my 500 follower aim for Christmas New Year!

These are a few new buys again, another piece of cobalt blue! This is a dead basic t-shirt from Forever21, but it's such good quality! It's that really gorgeous silky jersey which feels so much more expensive than it was - wish I'd bought a black and white one now! I paired it with my new necklace to add a bit more interest - another piece I can't stop wearing. I usually only wear real silver because I get so annoyed when costume jewellery tarnishes, but I had to make an exception for this beauty (and my bracelets in this post!) My favourite part of this outfit has to be my new cardigan! It's by Staple and I've wanted it for absolutely ages. When I was given my birthday money, and it had been reduced, I just knew I had to get it. I've already had 6 compliments on it and I've only worn it out twice - and once was just to get petrol! I can see this being worn to death.

I adore these earrings which are rough pieces of Citrine and, if like me you love knowing the meanings of crystals, is associated with the mind and psychic powers. I have lots of different crystal jewellery and I honestly do feel that they work - I've worn my health crystal throughout this past semester and not been ill once! And we all know how sickly I was last year...! I'm rarely seen wearing matching earrings, in my other ear I have a feather and a bird skull necklace. These were all gifts over my birthday from my best friends and flatmates. I can't stop wearing them and I'm amazed that they chose them as they are absolutely perfect for me, and I'm notoriously difficult to buy for! I also got €100 in vouchers for Fashionology for my birthday so now I'm spoilt for choice! I'm thinking of buying these, this and this, although I might wait until their new designs which will no doubt arrive in the spring!

I've babbled again haven't I? This really will be my last post until after Christmas, so I hope you all get exactly what you want and eat loads and loads like I will be! Thank you again to all of my new followers for helping me to reach my target, I really appreciate it. If you do any Christmassy posts with wish lists or what you get, post them in the comments because I'd love to see! Merry Christmas :)!

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

sing me to sleep

blue blazer; forever21 / Morrissey t-shirt; my boyfriend's / velvet skirt; topshop / creepers; miss selfridge / spike necklace; asos / studded bracelet; forever21 / cuff; pilgrim / rings; eBay/fashionology/gifted

I've finally finished uni for Christmas, so hopefully I'll have a bit more time for blogging. This term has been really difficult, especially when I've had my kitten distracting me! My flatmate and I decided to go to Birmingham as a little goodbye trip before we went home for the holidays and I finally got to go to Forever21! I spent far too much of my birthday money on a few things you'll no doubt be seeing on here soon. I know this is dead boring but I was so surprised by the customer service too! I was struggling to reach something and a really nice lady came over and helped me, and she continued to help and ask if I needed anything the whole time I was in the store - which was ages! I find that good customer service in high street shops a rarity, which is always really off putting when you want to spend your hard earned cash and there's a miserable cow being bitchy, but this girl really put so much effort into being dead lovely and I really appreciated it. I even rang up and told the manager how good she was! I swear I'm actually meant to be middle aged.

Can you believe it - I'm wearing a colour that isn't a berry tone! I love cobalt blue! It's one of those shades that I think suits every skin tone, and it fits perfectly into my predominantly black wardrobe. I find it dead difficult choosing blazers because the fit has to be just right, and I love this fitted but at the same time loosely cut style - does that even make sense?

I love this t-shirt too, it has a picture of Morrissey getting his hair cut on it - my boyfriend goes mad because I keep stealing it! I got these creepers ages ago in the Miss Selfridge sale for about £20 I think. I haven't worn them much because I thought they made my feet look dead big, but I really like them with this outfit. They're really comfy too, so maybe they'll get a few more outings in the future!

If I don't blog before Christmas, have a lovely day! We're going out for our Christmas dinner again this year which I love, we get all dressed up and don't have to worry about washing up! I hope they do Champagne sorbet like last year - it's so good! I'm getting so fat this winter, but I keep saying it's because I need the extra insulation...!

- I had aimed to get 500 blog followers by Christmas day...that isn't happening! Maybe I'll extend it to New Year just in time for my blogiversary! Though that's still ambitious!

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Drinking champagne from a paper cup.

brown faux fur double breasted coat; topshop / dalmation print shoes; topshop / rings; fashionology and eBay.

These pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago but I completely forgot to post them! This is another one of my new fur coats. It went in the sale for £68, and I actually only ended up paying £18 for it because I had an exchange and also signed up for an Outfit credit card just so I could get the £20% off! I really love it. It's completely different to my black fur so I felt like I could justify it - this one has a real vintage 'car coat' feel about it! And it's brown...although that's pretty axiomatic!

I've included some extra pictures in today's post because, HOW strange are they? I love how they turned out but it was completely unintentional. When I imported them they just ended up like this, I really panicked that I'd broken something! I recently came across Dan Mountford's work with double exposures (I know these pictures aren't the same thing!) and I absolutely love them. I'm doing a photography module again next semester so I hope that I can do something inspired by him.

It was my 21st birthday yesterday! I got thoroughly spoilt and I've still got presents from my family to come! I might have to be really self indulgent and dedicate a whole post to birthday shenanigans! For those of you who don't know, I am a twin, but my beautiful sister (we're non-identical, I'm aware that comes across massively arrogant for those who don't know us!) lives in Surrey at Uni so I couldn't spend the day, as I always have, with her. I also had loads of work due in so, apart from the evening (another day, another blog...) it just felt like any other day. This weekend will be our real birthday, Rosie is coming to my house on Friday and we're spending the evening at something called Winterfest - it's effectively Keele Univeristy's winter ball but a lot messier! Then Saturday we'll be visiting family - and she's being spoilt rotten! I can't wait to see her face when she get's her presents :) Wow, I think this is possibly THE most self indulgent post (the irony) of my entire blog - which evidently, turns 1 soon!

I'm absolutely shattered now, so I'm going to watch The Shining (I'm terrified already) with my flatmates and gorge on Eton Mess! Hope everyone's uni assessments are going ok - it'll be Christmas soon!

P.S. Did I really put 'shenanigans' in my blog? Dear lord.