Wednesday, 31 October 2012

don't talk to strangers.

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checked daisy crop top; motel / purple skater skirt; primark / studded belt ; topshop / leather jacket; c/o french connection / necklace; sorry I've forgotten!
I'm just not destined to be a regular blogger am I? I'd love to blog more often, I really miss not only posting, but reading everyone's blogs, finding that new source of inspiration that makes me mix up my wardrobe! The only reason I haven't been able to keep up my regular posts is because I struggle to feel comfortable in front of a camera unless certain people are behind it - these are taken by my lovely twin sister.

I have been wearing this jacket every day pretty much since French Connection gifted it to me. Now please excuse me while I gush because I just adore it - and not because it was gifted. I'd actually been eyeing up this jacket to buy for myself when I received the email asking me if I'd like to choose an item - I'm not the kind of blogger that would ever lose their integrity for a free gift! I will always be honest. Back to the jacket! It's not real leather, but I honestly could never tell until I read it on the website. It is just the perfect biker jacket don't you think? It has quilted shoulder and quilted elbow patches, and is the perfect length to throw on over dresses or over a hoodie and leggings to uni in the freezing cold Staffordshire weather! I've been wearing it daily for over three months now too and it's still in perfect condition with no rips in the lining or anything (don't you find that happens with EVERY leather jacket? Drives me mad) so I can say wholeheartedly that it is excellent quality too! It is literally the perfect biker and I am so happy with it and grateful to French Connection for giving it to me :)

I picked up this top in the sale at Topshop for £7.50! I really love the print as it has Daisies on it! Motel have some gorgeous items for sale at the moment but I'll post more on that another time - I've had a bit of a motel binge recently and bought three of their bodies and 2 bodycon (!! not like me!) dresses, I love them! I wear this shaped skirt all the time at the moment, I just think it's so flattering, so expect to see my black and leather versions pretty regularly!

I hope you're all enjoying the autumny sun, I think this is the last week where everything will look pretty with the crispy leaves on the floor until it rains and all turns to slippery sludge and I end up falling on my bum! And I JUST realised - HAPPY HALLOWEEN :)! I should have done a halloweeny post...Maybe after the weekend of celebrations!


  1. Lovely outfit! Really like your jacket, perfect for A/W :) xx

  2. oh hey stranger ;) such a lovely jacket you lucky girl! french connection have great quality items too :) ox

  3. Gorgeous outfit! That jacket is a beaut! Can't wait to see your Motel goodies :)
    Rachelle x

  4. Love this outfit, I love a skater skirt and biker jacket combination! Amazing getting the jacket gifted and it was the exact one you wanted! I never take mine off, too overworn if I'm honest haha.

    Jessica xo

  5. I've missed your posts! Love this outfit x

  6. Love this outfit, it's really cute! Really like your Motel top, even better that it was in the sale ;)


  7. Glad you're back!


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