Sunday, 19 August 2012

you're as decorated as the day that you left

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ice printed tee; illustrated people at topshop / leggings; eBay / flatforms; nelly / cardigan; topshop.

I hate these pictures but I just had to show you this t-shirt. I love the print on it, I've just seen that it went down to £10 in the sale which is gutting! The shoes are from Nelly and are actually a bit too small for me so I'll probably end up selling them :( They're a size 3 if anyone is interested! Perfect condition as I've only worn them for about an hour in total! Before I bought from Nelly, all I had heard were bad things, but I bought 3 pairs of shoes from them, they delivered quickly (and it was free postage!) and when I returned a pair of shoes to them the refund went through fine. I'd fully recommend them for anyone who hasn't shopped with them before.

I've had a crazy few days, had to pack up all my stuff in my house because I thought I needed to move out but fortunately I had a few extra days to organise things. Still not sure what I'm doing/where I'm going to be living, but had a few exciting emails this week which helped to cheer me up!

Even though I have NO money, I've found myself internet shopping before swiftly closing the page before I have to pay! There are so many gorgeous things on the high street at the moment I'd love to snap up, I always love the AW collections. I'm subscribed to Goldie London's newsletter and their new collection is absolutely gorgeous - you have to check it out! The smoke print pieces are stunning and I love the fifth picture down in this post; that embellished top is beautiful!

Enjoy your Sunday :)


  1. i love the graphic tee, is really different! love it!
    Krissy xoxo ~

  2. I love this tee! Wish I could have snapped it up in the sale but it sold out so quickly!

  3. I love those shoes! I've never shopped on nelly before because all I've ever heard is how rubbish they are, so it's nice to hear that someone has actually had a good experience with them and that it might be worth giving them a chance :) xx

  4. i love this top, your so lucky with nelly, i have ordered 6 times now from them and every time i never get my item, so far they have given me 150 quid in compensation - cant say im complaining lol xxx

  5. I love this ice printed tee and you've got amazing shoes! xx

  6. i love this whole outfit, just followed your blog, its really nice (: can't wait to read your next posts

  7. Big fan of this whole outfit, such a brill tee!

  8. your cardigan is superpretty! i'm a big fan of this outfit!
    xx emma


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