Friday, 25 March 2011

you talk way too much.

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american flag print top; primark / long sleeved bodycon sweetheart neckline dress; topshop (worn underneath) / tights; primark / ballet pumps; topshop / jewellery; same as usual / nail varnish; dusty mauve by models own / junkie like bruises from the stupid amount of canulars I had in hospital - alllll mine. yay.

Firstly, thank you for all of the lovely comments on my last post! I'm looking forward to having a lazy day soon and taking a look at all of your blogs and returning the favour :) I'm also only 4 followers away from 300, exciting! These are some more photographs from the weekend I spent having adventures with my boyfriend. This is quite a picture heavy post for me, a little nervous about posting it if I'm honest! But I had to post them, I just love how the colours have come out in the images. You really should have a look at my boyfriends Flickr, I know I'm biased, but I think his photos are stunning; he frames them so perfectly. We went out looking for places to explore so Craig could take some pictures, and we stumbled upon this incredible graffitied building on the way to Chester. I absolutely loved it and can't wait to go back to take some more photos. I'm doing a photography module this semester and I'm focusing it on graffiti and the idea of art and I'm really looking forward to cracking on with it! I bought this top from Primark a couple of weeks ago for £3! I was so pleased because I've been after one like it for ages. I'm wearing loads of jewellery in these photos, and this is pretty much the standard amount for me at the moment. I always wear different combinations of rings, but at the moment I absolutely love the three stoned one on my ring finger on the left had side. Also, I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but one of my rings used to be a fork! How 70's. I have such horrible fingers, my mum says I have babys hands but I think they look like old ladies, so no idea why I'd want to draw attention to them with my masses of rings! I'm also wearing earrings! I don't think I've posted pictures on here of me with earrings in, but I have so many pretty pairs at the moment (although I always wear odd ones) maybe I'll dedicate a post to them!

I was recently asked if I was religious as I wear a lot of necklaces and earrings which are crosses. It got me thinking about whether I'm disrespecting Christianity by wearing a cross because it is such a widely known symbol for that belief. I used to wear a set of rosary beads that I bought just because I loved them, but when a Catholic lady started talking to me about Catholicism (and I had to pretend I knew what she was on about!) I never wore them again! Personally, I wear my cross earrings and pendants because I love the shape. I don't feel that I'm disrespecting the religion or the symbolism of the cross because, at the end of the day, it's not like I'm wearing it next to a pentagram or anything. What do you think? Am I being disrespectful? I honestly don't know and I know that probably sounds ignorant, but that last thing I'd want to do is offend someones religion. And finally; Do you think graffiti is art?


  1. Wow that top is awesome! I can't believe it's from Primark!

  2. Argh I totally know what you mean about rosaries. I love them, especially the knotted cord ones, but for me it's all about the aesthetic not the religion, although like you say I would be mortified to offend people. Having said that, my fiance is religious and he isn't offended by it... ps loving the photos! Xxx Maddie

  3. you look great in these photo's, don't be nervous about posting lots of them! This top is lovely. Gotta love Primark! x

  4. Lovely pictures again, you're right, the colours are amazing in them. Was tempted to buy that Primark vest myself a few weeks ago!

    No I don't think it's offensive to wear a cross, especially as you're clearly wearing a lot of other jewellery - it's more obvious it's for fashion rather than religious reasons!

  5. wow, amazing photos :) Really enjoying your blog at the moment, huge well done on your followers!
    I love crosses personally, so go ahead!
    Looking gorgeous as ever

  6. i cant believe that top is from primark! beautiful photos. i wear crosses all the time as well, and my rosary. saying that i am catholic, but it's not like anybody on the street knows that, and i always wonder if it comes across as disrespectful.

    i would say crosses are fine, but if you're not catholic maybe not rosary beads? but i dunno... its a bit odd for somebody to strike a conversation over it anyway!! xx

  7. You really are so stunning! Adore these pictures.
    I don't tend to wear crosses because I don't want anyone assuming I am religious! I don't believe in any of it so don't want to appear like I do. But then again, when I see girls wearing cross jewellery on blogs, I don't actually assume they're religious. I just assume it's because they like it, so maybe I'm being a bit OTT in abstaining from religious-esque accessories!
    My boyfriend is quite into graffiti - have you seen Exit Through The Gift Shop? The Banksy film? It is amazing if you're studying graffiti!!

  8. I looove these pictures- you were definitely right to put them all up, and your bf is such a talented photographer!
    I love love looove the rings - i've always wanted to load them on like this but mine are all waaay too different to work - yours look lovely together.
    I've been thinking about the cross thing lately too - it got brought up in a class i had recently, and of course I had to be wearing my cross ring that day didn't I?!
    I can certainly understand why people who are religious themselves may struggle to understand why I choose to wear a cross, but as anon-religious person I am exactly the same as you - I appreciate it as a shape rather than a symbol.
    I suppose it's just something that will mean different things to everyone, and people should respect different reasons for wearing it!
    And to second Gem's suggestion above - you should definitely watch the Banksy film - its fab x

  9. That top is gorgeous! Can't beleive it's Primark - total bargain <3 you're so pretty :) glad I came across your blog, following you now xx

  10. You look great, love the look. To me graffiti is art when is made as art, personally I don't think that the one in your picture is. As for the cross I'm an atheist but a fan of Jesus and appreciate what it represents and as long as you have respect I don't see a problem

  11. Can't believe you were nervous about posting these? You're bloody beautiful!

    And yes, I do think Graffiti is art. I find it much more interesting to look at that conventional art.

  12. Wow, I didn't expect the graffitied building to be near Chester! I grew up there, now living in Bristol, and it seems like something I'd see in Bristol instead!

  13. you are like a model! no joke, super jel!

    nahhhhh its not disrespectful! although i dont wear rosary beads as i do think that may be pushing it, but not croses, i always wear them they are one my my faveeeez but i dont wear any with a little jesus on. Im atheist and dont believe in god at all, so i would look stupid walking around with god-y jewellery so its plain croses all the way for meeee

  14. absolutely gorgeous pictures. good ole' Primark, i got this top too due to my love of america haha.
    and yes, i definitely think graffiti is art, it requires skill & creativity etc..

  15. that flag top is so cool!
    i would say that as long as there's some thought put into the form/design/color/etc. of the graffiti, it would be considered art. really basic/simple tags, not quite as much.

  16. Gorgeous top! Great to have you back blogging by the way :) Awesome photos.


  17. this dress is gorgeoussss x


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